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KEITEL Büro-Ausstattung

We make your office perfect!


Thanks very much!

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Our Services

  • Commercial customer advice

  • Private customer advice

  • Ergonomic office furniture 

  • Home office design

  • Work place furniture for children



About Us

KEITEL Büro-Ausstattung

For more than 45 years we have been developing functional office and business furnishings that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers.

Personal advice to our customers is our top priority. It doesn't matter whether you want to redesign your home office, need complete office equipment or want to set up a learning-friendly workplace for your children.

We are the right contact for you.

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Some Projects

Flexible Workplaces

for all ages for big and small

home office open plan office

Meeting Room cozy sit stand swing unstressed working relaxing actively sitting home office individual new technology lounge furniture healthy sitting the new way of sitting in all directions frontward sideways backward shapely concept for life concept for living work space children's furniture children's desks work surrounding office work space at home relaxation seat standing room flexibility modules outdoor furniture leather microfiber cloth comfort glas metal steel fresh colors new models hard-wearing materials suitable for every day use weatherproof easy to clean

Long-Term Partnership

commercial customers private customers listen try out office furniture sense of space comfortable customized installation planning business design development scheduling strategy local completion service counseling appointment object furnishing office chairs anteroom seats 3D-active seats work chairs executive chair armchair lounge desk counter bar electromotive  desk storage mobile pedestal side table bar stool stacking chair lamps high desk anti-fatigue mate desk lights monitor swivel arm concept holder mouse-free ergonomic products wardrobes locker wire ducts steel furniture shelfs executive office waiting room reception gastronomy outdoors chair repair cushion cleanse furniture repair

High Quality

reputable suppliers style

durable international portfolio

wood feeling sustainable multifunctional structured freestyle ergonomic advice back-friendly ergonomic workplace intervertebral disc friendly back-friendly chairs ergonomic office chairs electromotive adjustable in hight 3D-active seat 3D-moveability active dynamical sitting 3D-technology against back-pain modern classical simple homely nano-coated sunblind acoustics lighting fins jalousie room acoustics divider walls furnishing concepts communicative working areas inspiring inspirational  

Durable and Reliable

owner-managed passion independent quality made in Germany service partnership nationwide delivery Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein individual arrangements flexible individual owner-managed business personal advice try-out sitting individual choice personal selection communication spontaneous short-term reliable on schedule creative imaginative visionary new ideas sustainable self-contained honest test grab feel materials assortment setup service local service live experience shipping easily reachable close to the city center in town 5 min off the design outlet center next to farmer's market customer parking space feel-good experience 

KEITEL Büro-Ausstattung

Großflecken 52a

Driveway Waschpohl

24534 Neumuenster

04321 / 88 2 88-0

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